Wednesday, May 27, 2020



Many people I talk with these days tell me that they are spending more time doing creative things. Some are trying new recipes, some are journaling, and some are stamping cards, paper crafting, and memory keeping.
Creativity is a fun way to pass time, it helps reduces stress, and you can create things that bring joy to others. A yummy meal is a great way to connect with the family at home and hand stamped cards are great ways to connect with those at a distance. 

Here are my top three suggestions for being creative at home.

1) Set aside time every day to do something creative. If you don't make a specific time, the day will pass by without you enjoying time stamping or creating.

2) Have a purpose. Create with a person, group, or goal in mind. It helps focus you on the project and provides a sense of accomplishment when you complete it.

3) Share your creativity. Craft with your kids, get on a zoom call and create with a friend, or send the cards you create with a thoughtful note. These are all great ways to stay connected with those you love.

For this month's Colour Inspiration I'm saying a fond farewell to the bright and beautiful 2018-2020 In Colours and a couple of the most popular retiring stamp sets.

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